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Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.

Albert Einstein

Essential oils:

About us

OBILJE is founded by different skills that nurture, listen and monitor the nature and nature in myself. This creates products, sharing, workshops, travel.

By becoming aware of the value and abundance of what surrounds me, I wanted to share this with the world.

In this karst kingdom of beautiful rock, with unique geografic position and with unique climate conditions – wildlife is offering us lots of different herbs – mediterranean basin, cradle of many different herbs. And I am gratefull for everything that wildlife has to offer from season to season. Following this wildlife makes unique products and essences.

I am interested in natural, Im interested in “wildlife”. With tendance to co-exist with wildlife, again.

Nature follows its own rhythm without difficulty, just flow – and this is exactly what fascinates me and relaxes. Besides that, wildlife is one big area of learning about SELF.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

Essential oil is a product that is co-produced by the PLANT, MAN and the ENVIRONMENT conditions.

Every essential oil is unique, every oil has a story to tell. With every new encounter with certain plant and knowing that all is one and one is all (talk to one tree they all will know it), with stories that elders talked to us about uses for different plants they were told about from their elders and ancestors. With unique approach to distillation process for every plant, with complete control over entire process of obtaining essential oils from observing natural habitats and harvesting of plants to bottling of essential oils – hey, wait a minute, I am doing all this my self…

Ante – wild herbs of Croatia


to be recognized by quality, with compliance by natural law – to stay consistent to synergy between NATURE and us – to be recognized and specialized production of raw materials for aromatherapy purposes and natural cosmetics.



to share with the world this abundance of NATURE that we live in, with sustainable concept and practice of work to give thanks to the NATURE – so we can all co-exist in this abundance in next generations. We hold to the old NATURAL methods that are forgotten or rejected as unprofitable, sustainable synergy relationship with NATURE is the only way that we are satisfied with. Our mission is to monitor plant habitats and aloud them to spread further from year to year, this leads to carefully choosing plant material for process and preserving habitats for every year usage.

We produce essential oils with regulations of profession and good practice for work with these materials. We are skilled and educated team that cooperate with worlds leading independent laboratory for validating and analysis of plant extracts.

We want to explore essential oil plants of our area , and with analysis and profession expertise we will suggest on uniqueness and specificity of our oils.

We cooperate only with farmers who dont use chemicals or pesticides for treating plants and land. Our wild population of plants are in low populated areas, country side and islands, far away from big pollution.

Our clients are identifying with us with one word – WILDLIFE. Cosmetics and pharmaceutical, aromatherapy, flavour and scent, everyone is thinking NATURAL.


New model of work practice. Most of the essential oils that we produce are wild harvested plants. For harvesting wild population of plants takes great responsibility, besides law issues. This responsibility and actions behind it are preserving our habitat for the future, for our kids. So it would be very irresponsible to use it without conscious behavior.

By showing respect to wild herbs and to wildlife, PRE ORDERS for essential oils are needed (quantities above 30ml). Plant is monitored and found for certain customer, plant is harvested and processed for certain customer.

You can contact us for TERMS AND CONDITIONS for PREORDERS.


SAMPLES of essential oils are available.


Check for availability, sometimes there is in stock certain amount of some oils( low quantities).

Price is determined by quantity ordered and terms and conditions agreed by both sides (quality control issue).

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